We provide a full range of services for the enterprises of the agro-industrial complex of Russia for the transportation of grain, oilseeds and other crops. Keeping pace with the times, our company has been regularly monitoring the crop market from the very beginning. It is the desire for improvement that allows us to develop successfully. Thanks to the rich experience, the highest professionalism of the personnel, our company carries out strict quality control of products at all stages. Based on current trends in an integrated approach, we do not just buy and sell grain crops. Our main goal is to create the most effective solution for organizing production processes for the client.

The total land area is 215,000 hectares, of which 138,000 hectares are used for sowing grain crops.

The area of ​​land is annually increased due to the foundation and introduction of arable land in the crop rotation of fallow and waste lands. Our company is united by several technical, interconnected enterprises: 6 grain enterprises, the presence of two grain receiving organizations, which allows us to reduce our dependence on price fluctuations and to minimize the risks associated with the quality of grain and its safety.

The mission of the company is the revival and development of agriculture in Russia thanks to a highly effective and competent investment policy.

Further expansion of its segment in the agricultural and food market. The priority directions in the company's activity are: introduction of innovative, resource-saving technologies into production; deep processing of agricultural raw materials; comprehensive modernization of existing facilities; formation of mutually beneficial relationships with partners; maximum satisfaction of the needs of product buyers; creating conditions for the professional growth of the company's personnel. Our company is engaged in the sale of agricultural products. Today the main activities of the company are:

1.crop production

2.procurement from direct manufacturers of products

3. Provision of services during the sowing and harvesting campaign.



Company was founded in 2017, for foreign economic activity of grain crops from the                                              Russian Federation.

Currently, GSCSM unites 275 organizations of the agro-industrial sector. Over 50% of the Union's members are grain producers and grain storage and processing enterprises; grain market operators, including infrastructure organizations, make up 25% of the total number of members of the Russian Grain Union. Members of the Union, including regional grain unions, provide about 20% of Russian grain production, more than half of the production of flour and feed, two-thirds of the market turnover of grain and more than 90% of exports of grain and its processed products.
It carries out its foreign economic activity in 50 countries.
It strives to offer them optimal purchase prices, convenient work and payment schemes,and transport that will deliver the cargo to its destination in complete safety and on time.
GSCSM LLC creates conditions for improving the efficiency of farmers, contributes to the growth of production and the formation of fair purchase prices, stimulates domestic demand for grain and the ability of products of the Russian Federation to successfully compete in the international market .

GSCSM offers its services for transshipment of export cargo in seaports: Astrakhan, Makhachkala, Novorossiysk, Azov, Rostov, Temryuk.


LLC GSCSM carries out sea and river cargo transportation, charters vessels, performs brokerage and intermediary operations using its own and leased fleet; provides services for ship Agency, cargo insurance, and transports oversized, bulk and heavy cargo.


LLC GSCSM carries cargo around the world. Performing the functions of a single logistics coordinator, the company undertakes the organization of door-to-door service, including within the framework of EPC contracts. Sovfracht guarantees the continuity, technological and economic efficiency of the entire cargo transportation process.


Cargo transportation by sea and river transport, despite all the complexity of the organization, remains the most popular type of cargo transportation due to their obvious advantages over other types of cargo transportation.


LLC GSCSM provides more than 200 ship calls to 47 ports of the world annually.

57 units of its own, operated and controlled fleet.

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